Monday, 3 December 2012

Houses (first mockup)

An example of a first mockup below for my house project:

I'm pretty happy with the first version above, it's a little awkward getting the sizing right but I have got it eventually.

I have avoided images with cars, and also carefully chosen houses with the sun incident on the front of them as this gives a more interesting image and the sky is a deeper blue. I have also slightly increased the saturation of the blue using the sliders in Lightroom.

I will probably take a break for a while on this project as I concentrate on thinking about what to do for Assignment 3: Monochrome.


  1. Hi Selina.....

    Disregard my opinion completely, because I'm just an ignorant, but I like this series of houses a lot. I've seen also the previous post with the b&w conversions which I see as more questionable, but the photographs of this post, for instance are great and form a coherent set (I repeat, in my humble, and unqualified opinion). The only thing I miss both in this series and in some of the other ideas (like the infinity views) is some personal, or human if you want, implication. It could be something like "these are the houses of that and that, and i selected them because....." or it could be something like "this is the photograph of a house made by Selina because......".

    I'm now struggling with he last assignment and I share many of your problems.....many ideas, but difficult to decide and ground them properly........sigh!!!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I definitely agree about the lack of personal touch. I have decided to make my mono project involving people (documentary style) but I think I will continue with the house project, aka the Typology style. I'm hoping that my personal touch will come through with the houses I have chosen - they all have a certain asthetic that appeals to me.
    Thanks for reading :)