Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Assignment 3: Some examples

So I have a dozen photographs that I'm happy with that I took at the farm last week, documenting the volunteers and staff working. There are no full-frontal portraits as I wanted to maintain a degree of anonymity to the people working there - they were all OK with me photographing, but I didn't want to make it about _them_ per se. The images are arranged in a story - from preparing the plants, selecting them, preparing the soil (watering before planting) and then planting. A number of characters are involved, and they link through the images. I have gone for a low contrast, grey-scale look to the images - it was a hot sunny day and they started out very contrasty but I found that they looked very busy, and I wanted to focus on the subject matter and not get overtaken by busy back/foregrounds. I will make more comments on processing in a future post, this is just a starting point for the project.

Now I need to decide whether to shoot any more images, or just concentrate on these and further refine them and get into the printing side of things (necessary for this assignment). I am quite happy with the set above and think I will probably just make my selection from these once I have printed a few versions of them and further refined the post-processing. I need to choose between 5 and 10 images to submit.

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