Sunday, 16 December 2012

Assignment 3: Presentation thoughts

I have been thinking about how to present Assignment 3. The notes specifically say that I need to present some prints to my tutor for this Assignment. I have sent off my photos to be printed at a local store (the second time - the first place is closing down... a sad time for the printing industry when everyone is happy getting cheap prints so the pro places are going out of business...). Once I've received them and if I am happy I shall then prepare to get prints done for the assignment.

There are a few things I need to consider:

  • A border - in Photoshop - so there is some white around the image. The printing place can do a 5mm border - perhaps this is enough?
  • Size of print: 6x8 $2.25 per print (for 6 to 20 prints), 8x12 $3.75 per print (for 6 to 20 prints)
  • Number of prints per page - at the above prices I think I can probably afford to print one per page

I am now deciding on the final set of images and this will be assisted when I pick up my prints (Thursday). I now need to start writing down my report and in particular, answering the questions posed in the notes.


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