Monday, 3 December 2012

Houses (colour)

I have had a (very helpful) suggestion from fellow student Eileen, to present these images in colour series instead of monochrome. Of course that would mean it was not appropriate for Assignment 3, but as I am trying to think beyond just the course and into my own personal projects, this is not a problem for me. I can see what she is saying - the bright colours of the houses contrast nicely with the brilliant blue skies so common here in Queensland, and it is bold and uniquely Australian. Of course I still think the mono images have punch, and the blue skies contribute to this also... Hmm, what to do. Below are two for comparison, mono and colour.

I think this second set of houses decides it for me - the colours of the roof and windows are just so vibrant! Though I still like the mono image too... decisions, decisions... I guess it comes down to the fact that I think I'm a colour photographer at heart. Though I quite like mono images, I'm still very strongly drawn to colour and all it's vibrancy.

Looks like it's back to the drawing board for Assignment 3 (no worries, I have lots of time!), but onwards and forwards for this exciting 'house' project! I am also busy doing research into this field of photography which I will blog about soon. I plan on re-shooting some images and starting to group them together in preparation for arranging them in a grid which I think will be the most effective way of showing them together - similarities and differences. Looks like I'll also need to bring them into Photoshop to correct some stray verticals that are still a bit wonky after being corrected in Lightroom. I don't  think you can do perspective correction in Lightroom, though the ability to rotate the image slightly is very useful.

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  1. Thinking about colour v mono. All the images look good to me - the mono ones look as if they could be a house anywhere, whereas the colour ones look more distinctive, e.g. are they typical Australian colours? Just a thought really in terms of what you are wanting to say with your series - implicit or explicitly bearing in mind Eileen's previous comment regard how 'naming' can change viewers' perceptions. Hope I'm making sense!