Monday, 27 February 2012

Project: A sequence of actions

The first section of DPP discusses workflow, as it means in the digital age. I guess I have some kind of workflow that I follow already, but it's good to see what others do (via looking at blogs), and read the course notes on workflows. I have made some notes (below) about my current workflow in preparation for the first exercise which I hope to shoot next weekend.



Sunday, 26 February 2012

GOMA and QAG visit

I visited the Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery on Friday afternoon for a few hours.

Bindi Cole
Bindi Cole, SistaGirls Series

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New course, Digital Photography Practice 1

I've enrolled in a new course, Digital Photography Practice 1, through the OCA. I've already been assigned a tutor, and am keenly waiting for my course materials to arrive, hopefully in the next week. As a result of doing this course I'm hoping to becoming more proficient in my digital workflow and also learning more about the ethical side of photo manipulation.

This is my third OCA subject, I've previously completed the Art of Photography 1 and People & Place 1, these are detailed in my blog here which I will keep for more personal photography comments and learnings.

I've also enrolled in a course through the Brisbane College of Photography called 'Photoshop Level one', so I'll probably post about that on this blog also, as it directly relates to the DPP1 course.

More to follow...