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Artist: Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen

I first came across the work of Viviane Sassen when reading a Photoworks magazine (2010) and was struck by the beauty of her images. They are a cross between portraits and fashion images, and I thought her use of light (and in particular shadow) was intriguing for fashion photography, and I really liked the bold use of colour and paint in her staged images (I think they are all staged actually).  Often her models are not identifiable – either by use of shadow or a hand over the face or facing away from the lens. They are also not typical in many ways – for example one image in the Photoworks magazine shows a person sprawled on the ground under the shady shadow of a tree. To identify the image as fashion (i.e. about the clothes or style?) is quite amazing! Her images are quite enjoyable and fun to look at (and I imagine to take), which seems at odds with what I know of the fashion industry (something I’m not particularly interested in to be honest).

Viviane Sassen, taken from for personal study purposes

Viviane Sassen, taken from for personal study purposes

Viviane Sassen, taken from for personal study purposes

Her work also graces the front cover of this month’s BJP (print issue December 2012), and also the BJP iPad App (Summer 2012), and I also think it features in the Hotshoe Magazine, though I have not received my copy yet. Her work is distinctive and different – she certainly knows her voice and style and works with it. I find the starkness and bold ideas (model bent back over chair/ head in water / use of mirrors and other simple devices) inspiring and I think it would be fun to try to incorporate into my work if I get the opportunity. I certainly plan on following her work.

Here is an image taken for my Assignment 3, which I think is quite ‘Sassen’ like…


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