Thursday, 13 June 2013

Assignment 5: Post-processing in progress

This is a bit of an update blog posting, really just to say I'm busy working through my images. I have got a workflow going through Lightroom, into Photoshop and then back to Lightroom.

Firstly the images are edited in Lightroom. I am keeping them nice and bright (so keeping exposure high), adjusting the whites and blacks as necessary for each image. I am then adjusting the clarity and vibrance slides to +20 for each. I am doing this for every image. Then I am adjusting some saturations, mainly the blue skies – some are a bit more dull than others and a slight adjustment (increase of blue/cyan) selectively adding some saturation is lifting the images and also giving them all a more consistent look, which I want for my typological slant.

The images are then taken into Photoshop. Initially I used the smart object option but I found it wasn’t necessary as I have gained confidence in my processing techniques. I then use the heal tool (saving first as a _edit.tif file) to remove any dust spots in the sky (zoomed into 100%). Then comes the use of the perspective crop tool which is super powerful and easy to use. I use this to correct the perspective which causes my houses to ‘lean’ back slightly. The fine grid helps me to line up my verticals, and I also check my horizontals and make adjustments there if necessary. This has reminded me that I need to leave ‘space’ around my subject when shooting with wide lenses so that I can correct the perspective later on. I find this tool to be really useful and rewarding to use!!
Removing dust spots - an example

Using the Perspective crop tool - an example.

Using the Perspective crop tool - an example

Using the Perspective crop tool, in particular the grid lines on the bricks - an example

I then save my images and they turn up in Lightroom automatically which is a nice feature. I’m keeping them all in a collection so I can easily see the group together.

I had a nice discovery with one image (displayed below). I hadn’t before noticed the inclusion at the top of the Jacaranda tree of the birds in the nest. A nice discovery to make!
Jacarandas with nest
 I also plan to do some tests of different crop dimensions - I think I might avoid the camera default and try a 4:3 crop perhaps? I will get onto that when I have finished editing this set of images.

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