Saturday, 15 June 2013

Assignment 5: Crop options

Moving along, now that I have finished the intial processing (colours somewhat consitent, houses straightened up and dust spots removed), I am thinking further about how to present my images, in what format and size etc. I am first considering the cropping ratios. Normally I just leave my images in their default crop, which is close to 4 x 6. An example below:

4 x 6 ratio
I am comparing with two other options, firstly 4 x 3 ratio:

4 x 3 ratio
And then with the more square 4 x 5 option

4 x 5 ratio
I also present them together to compare below:
Compare different crop options
They each have their strengths. I am drawn to the original (6 by 4), probably due to familiarity - it is the ratio which all my images naturally come out of the camera looking like, and I feel comfortable with it because of that reason! Of course that is no reason to continue using it by default and I need to push away those feelings of comfort!

The 4 by 5 feels quite 'square' without being actually so! The crop is close around the house and there is little else in the image. I wonder if this might cause problems for some of my house images, being quite tight for space? Yet all the focus _is_ on the house, which is the main aim of my project.

The 4 by 3 is probably where I am leaning at the moment. It still feels somewhat familiar, but is a little more stout and square than the traditional 4 by 6 option. It focuses the attention onto the house but also leaves some breathing space around it. I think I will go through more images using this crop ratio and see how they hold together.

I now have 47 images that have been 'corrected' (perspective/dust removed/slight colour adjustments). A quick screenshot below:
47 corrected images
I feel like this project is coming together the more I work the images. The post-processing has really helped me to bring all the images together, and I am working on them as a cohesive set (despite having my favourites) and plan on printing them all out once I have decided the crop ratio, and will only make a decision on which to present for my assignment once I have considered them all. I think given the immature stage of my photography it makes sense for me to consider all the possible options and only make a decision when I can lay the actual images out on the floor in front of me!

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