Sunday, 16 June 2013

Assignment 5: An admission...

I spent yesterday evening going through all of my images cropping them as mentioned in the last blog post. I had to choose to centre on either the house, or perhaps balance the house and the tree, and decide how much road to include in the foreground, or if I cut off the wheels of the car or not. I normally consider most of these decisions whilst I am shooting, not in the post-processing, but actually, by considering them later I can take my time and see what other options might work. I think this exercise has really taught me to be a bit 'wider' in my photos, and then crop in later, this allows for 'mistakes' (inevitable!) to be minimised (or just lessened perhaps!) and then the final tweaking be done on the computer. This is probably a preferable workflow really... I just have not got here earlier...

It also means that if I change my mind about the particulars of the project then this might be editable after also? And if adjustments need to be made (such as the perspective adjustments for this exercise) then there is room to move in the image..

Anyway, I have been editing my images, and suddenly realised that one looked familiar! I had got this far through the process and realised that i have more than one image of a house! Actually, three houses. It is interesting how different they are, on different days/weather/time of year. Also how, despite the fact I was trying to be consistent with my method, there are considerable differences between these same houses... It just makes me more aware of how impossible it is to be consistent! And this supports my above musings about shooting a bit 'wider' to allow flexibility later on.

This first house I noticed because of the lovely sign on the gate (obviously ignored by the car in the first image!):
Keep driveway clear 1
The colours are improved in the second (the weather must have been better). The tree has lost all it's leaves! And obviously not having a car is preferable for my asthetics.
Keep driveway clear 2
 In this second pair, the house is really hidden behind the large tree in the first image, but the second (taken about 5 weeks later), the tree has lost its leaves and the house is more visible. I also like the expanse of blue sky at the top which contrasts with the hidden house.
Tree 1
 I have left the lens quite a bit wider (or stood back further on the street) for this second image also.
Tree 2            

In the third pair of houses the view I have chosen is much more consistent between the two images, and the main difference here is the weather. The first is quite cloudy and overcast, and the second the sky is clear and blue. The second fits in with the rest of the set better.

So perhaps I am not as observant as I thought, or I was getting caught up in the fine detail and not noticing the whole image! Anyway, it's not a big problem... :) It just means fewer options for the final set, which is not a bad thing as I have to get down to 12 to submit!


  1. LOL - I quite often take the same house or tree. Generally I remember it but do it anyway, but sometimes I am also surprised! I agree it is good to have a range of options. I hope to get round to processing some of my own soon. I've been working on a project for a friend and that has rather taken me away from finding time for my own stuff.

  2. Very interesting to see the difference the weather makes. I particularly like the Tree 2 image and the hazy light.