Friday, 23 November 2012

Exercise: Black and White

Exercise: Black and White

Aim: To produce an image in black and white, from conception to final processing.

Procedure: I chose a situation with late afternoon low angle lighting a short walk from our house, a possible project site for my (possible) project entitled ‘a selection of infinite views’. I like this location because there is so much variety in it. I tried to frame images with lots of lines and patterns and shadows. I used the bracket function on my camera so that I could concentrate on getting the scene right, and then used the ‘expose to the right’ procedure to choose the best image.

The colour version is displayed below, with some ‘optimization’:
Chosen image, displayed here in colour
I then processed the image in Lightroom to create quite a high contrast dramatic image with the full range of the histogram covered.
Black and White version
Conclusion: This was quite a simple exercise. I have been ‘thinking’ in black and white more recently and this project was good for going through the steps from planning, through image taking and to the final product which I think is a strong image.

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