Friday, 9 November 2012

Assignment 2 Feedback

I have received my feedback for Assignment 2 from my tutor. The comments on the assignment suggest that my technical skills are perfectly acceptable for this level of the course. The suggestions were to continue to learn more about the technical side of things but to concentrate more on the creative side. This is something I have been grappling with myself lately as I do more reading about the wider photographic community and various aspects of ‘art’ photography. How I view myself and my photography and the direction I wish to take my photography have all been quite central to my mind recently.

My tutor suggested reading a fellow student’s blog, which I have done, and found quite enlightening. He is a little further ahead than me on the course, but is following a similar path, having previously completed at least one course with the OCA, and seems to be quite similar in his direction of looking for more ‘art’ than just ‘function’. He has taken an approach for 2nd and 3rd assignments of choosing a ‘theme’ and following it through for the assignment. My tutor has some useful suggestions on using a self-directed project which I will closely consider for my future assignments.

It’s funny this transition from thinking of myself as a ‘photographer’ to an ‘artist’. It’s a subtle shift in some ways (semantics some would say), but for me personally it is quite important and significant. I love taking photos but want to do and achieve more than simply taking a ‘nice shot’… And a cohesive, interesting project is just waiting for me, I just need to be shoved in the right direction, take the plunge and do it. I have lots of ideas but it’s hard thinking of how to execute ideas and make them into successful _interesting_ photographic projects that don’t just look good but have some kind of meaning as well…



  1. It might seem a small step but I think it's a giant leap into creativity.

  2. Hi Selina..........funnily enough I also follow your blog (and it is great by the way)!!!

    Kind regards and good luck with assignment 3 !!!!