Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Assignment 5: More research

I am in the process of preparing for Assignment 5. I took the photos late last year and am just commencing processing and bringing them together as a set. I was browsing blogs tonight and came across Keith Greenough's set of beach huts from Miami. Wow, they look great all together! My set of Queenslanders won't be nearly as distincive, but I like that I'm thinking along the same lines of someone so much further on in the Photographic study as me! Perhaps I will get there...

He has chosen a consistent viewpoint and angle, filling the lower middle of the frame with the hut, and allowing more sky in at the top. How does he do this using a large-format camera? It must be incredibly difficult to remember exactly where he placed the other huts within the frame and fill them to almost exactly the same space. I found this hard with my houses when I was photographing them. He also has quite consistent weather - he has shot at the same time of day and the weather looks fairly constant between each shot. I also took the time to shoot with the sun roughly directed constantly on the houses, and even chose houses on one side of the street and not the other for that reason. I also almost always shot on sunny, blue sky days (we get a lot of those in Queensland!)

I  like the way he presents them as a grid (like I want to do with mine) and the lovely soft colours are great. Not bad given he only spent 45mins a day doing photography on his holiday... (more than I managed on my recent holiday, but I don't think he had a 3year old and 8mth old with him!). Below is my version of a beach hut, taken at 90 Mile Beach, Lakes Entrance (Victoria) which I took in February as we were driving from Brisbane to Adelaide.

Beach hut, Lakes Entrance, 90 Mile beach

Greenough, K photo-graph. Online, available at: [accessed 22/05/13]

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