Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Assignment 3: Feedback

I have received my feedback for Assignment 3, monochrome. It is mostly fairly positive, though with room for improvement, as usual!
"This is a good attempt at a documentary project. Additional research and analysis of a range of suitable techniques and approaches, and more practice, will undoubtedly provide you with greater confidence when working in this genre."
So once again my tutor reminds me that more research is required (it seems there cannot be too much research - something I plan to engage even more in when I move onto Level 2 courses).
"In terms of developing a documentary narrative through a collection of images, it is often highly beneficial to visit the location and capture activities on more than one occasion."
I reflect in hindsight that I was a little rushed when capturing this project (hard with a small baby around and limited time out), and definitely should have captured images on a second or third occasion. I did return once but just didn't really find the same scenes in action and was unable to make another visit. This is something that I hope to change in the future - to be able to set aside times for photography and commit to it.

"It appears from the contact sheets on your blog, you would have benefited from a wider range of shot types, exploring the subject from;  wide angle (how large is the overall space, how many workers?), and close-ups (fingers tending plants) etc.."

I also should have used different equipment (lenses) to capture this wider range in scale and interest. I should know this from my previous studies even within this course. I think I need to take more time with composition and care with my images. Another learning point.

Regarding my intent:

"A collection of images which maintains such anonymity may be viewed as a document of suspicious activity. If you feel this may be the case, how can you counteract this?"
This is an interesting point. I had not thought about this in advance, it just happened on the day - that I thought about anonymity for this project. I didn't follow through completely with it (lack of conviction?) What might it mean for the project - am I protecting the people? Or wanting to send a message? I am aware that the people I photographed, whilst they gave their permission, may not want to be known as being 'on the dole', though I think it's great that programs such as this (re-skilling) exist.

So once again I am pleased with the detailed explanations and considerations my tutor has provided me. I can see that there are some areas I need to work on to further improve my photography skills.

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