Monday, 19 March 2012

Bob Carey Photographer

Aline Smithson has a blog called L E N S C R A T C H which I follow, and this recent post stood out to me. In short, it's a personal project that started as just that, but has become a fundraising project for breast cancer research. It's an example of charitable photography but with interesting, quirky images.

The photographer, Bob Carey, obviously knows his stuff, from looking at his website. His portraits look casual but I suspect are perfectly planned. I wonder if they are mostly opportunistic (out wandering, targeting people he spies), as the situations look fairly natural. I really like the use of mixed eye contact in the pair portraits. It adds an air of question to the image.  The 'Tutu Project' is unusual and eye-catching, as well as making interesting viewing. All-in-all, an inspired photographer I am glad to have spied.

This image below, for example, is bold, colourful, and simple but yet also making a gently humorous statement at the same time.  The photographer is concerned with social issues, but wants to make them approachable for everyone - he doesn't mind having a laugh at himself which might be a useful skill!

Taken from Lenscratch website for personal study purposes

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