Sunday, 26 February 2012

GOMA and QAG visit

I visited the Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery on Friday afternoon for a few hours.

Bindi Cole
Bindi Cole, SistaGirls Series

Australian artist who is interested in exploration of identity. In the case of the photos I saw at the GOMA, the interest is in sexual identity, in Tiwi Island transgender individuals posing in beautiful environments. In other work (such as the 'Not really Aboriginal' work), she is looking at racial identity, a really interesting piece of work obviously very close to her heart. I think this is the key in making good art - doing it for a reason that you really believe in. It is clearly a very personal project. As I have written in my notebook ... 'what inspires me?'
A question I guess I'll have to keep coming back to, because I'm really not sure at the moment.

Notebook 1

Notebook 2

Notebook 3

Other particular favourites were Tony Tuckson:
Tony Tuckson, Pink lines (vertical) on red and purple

And Margaret Olley:
Margaret Olley, Interior IV

Both Australian artists working in the last 50 years as modernity came to Australian art.

It's probably a good time to also add that I had a fantastic talk via Skype with my new tutor on Thursday evening. I got lots of ideas and suggestions to help me with this subject, and I feel quite newly renewed. As much as I enjoyed People and Place, I feel like sometimes I just did the projects and assignments because I _had_ to, not because I was particularly enjoying them. For this course I am determined to keep it fun and do them because I want to improve as an artist. I had not really thought of myself as a student of _Art_ before, instead, I just thought I was learning about photography, but there is a whole world apart from just the study of photography, and that world is the Art world and has a long and rich history that I can draw on, even if I only delve a little into it.

My tutor emphasized how important it is to do good research as part of photographic practice, as it forms the foundation of good work.

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