Monday, 3 September 2012

TV Series: Photo Finish

I recently watched a series on ABC TV entitled 'Photo Finish'. It was a competition style show with three different contestants each week and a different challenge each week. I thought it was an interesting show, though a little lacking in polish, but that didn't stop me from being inspired to get out and try different techniques and give me inspiration to shoot some different scenes. A few ideas below...

Portraiture - get to know your subject and try to connect with them, perhaps before even picking up the camera
Landscape - get out in all weather, particularly bad weather as a great image can be made
Wedding - give it a go! connect with the people involved and don't forget to look at the details
Plastic Cameras - looks like fun - part of the challenge is the unknown
Fashion - be prepared to adapt as necessary when challenges arise
Photojournalism - don't try to set up scenes, just observe and capture
Mobile photography - try this more - always keep it handy and shoot lots of photos
Performance - light is challenging, but moody shots with some movement obvious can be interesting

This was a fun program to watch and has given me some new ideas to try out. Pushing yourself such as the way the participants did in this show (with limited time and new equipment) shows that thinking on the spot and being willing to give anything a go is important, and can help creativity. Perhaps I should push myself some time and give myself some 'mini-assignments' to help the creative juices flow.

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