Monday, 4 February 2013

More artists in depth required!

I got my latest comments back from my tutor, and while generally good, he suggests I am lacking in more in depth analyses of other artists. I have been adding posts to this blog detailing artists I like but not doing much delving, mostly due to lack of time, which is of course just an excuse! I am enjoying using the blog more diaristically lately but appreciate the need to delve deeper into critical analysis of others work.

I received my copy of Michael Frieds book in the post this week (why photography matters as art as never before). So far I have read the first few chapters and found it quite engrossing. He discusses the influence of Jeff Wall and Cindy Sherman (and others) on the change of photography from something held in the hands or seen in a book to being on the wall, and some of the implications of this, including how we can gaze at something on the wall in a different way to flicking pages in a book (in the privacy of our own home for example). He analyses some of Walls photos in great detail, considering the careful composition, the fact the are pseudo-documentary in a way -- organised but not constructed. And the way he places his figures in a cinematic manner, occupied or self absorbed within the frame, not looking out at the viewer. I need to sit down and analyse some great photos in this manner... In fact I think there was a blog posting on the oca recently... on this exact topic (and using a Jeff Wall image also).

Actually, I'll be in Melbourne next month on our road trip and I have noticed the NGV is showing a Jeff Wall exhibition which I will be sure to check out. I will attempt to do some more research whilst on the road travelling, otherwise soak up the exhibition and do some more reading afterwards. I am putting my course work on hold whilst travelling as I won't have access to the computer and will just be depending on my iPad.


Fried, M (2008), Why photography matters as art as never before, Yale University Press (New Haven and London)

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